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R. N. Feeds is a multi role and multidimensional business group established in Lucknow and deals with Poultry feeds, Cattle feeds, Education and Farming sector along with distinguished social activities. R. N. Feeds have the most advanced computerized poultry feeds manufacturing plant in which about 600 metric tones of poultry feed can be manufactured on a daily basis in hygienic environment.

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Correct Choice For Your Poultry Destination

R N Feeds

The selection of breed should be on the basis of the climatic conditions and of high yielding breed. The chickens must be hatched from selected good variety eggs.

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Our Products

Broiler Pre-Starter

From 1st To 10 Days. It is helpful to give proper growth to the infant due to high protein composition and high level to boost the proper growth of bird during this delicate period.

Grower Crumbs

Grower crumbs is used to grow the bird’s organs (meat muscle), basically it is used to feed in layers first we feed crumbles, for two weeks, i.e., from 15th day to 28th day and then the pellets.

Broiler Starter

From 11th To 28th Days. Starter feeds are designed to accelerate healthy growth in the chicken as well as provide high immunity against expected stresses of handling vaccinations, climate variations and diseases.

Broiler Finisher

From 28th Day To Till Retail. This feeds is in the form of pellet and crumbs. The texture of this feed is rough in crumbs form, since the chickens are older and can easily pick it. It helps the bird grow healthy and strong, providing high quality meat.

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Rameshwar Das Ram Niwas Group of Industries, proudly know as R. N. Feeds, which is one of the leading industries in the field of manufacturing cattle and poultry feeds is well known for its continuous quality delivering products.
Our poultry farming camps helps in enhancing the poultry industry all over India and rejuvenates new possibilities and boosting involvement of new farmers in this field.

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As it is said that for a qualitative production every institution needs well equipped infrastructure, So following the same our organization have its own Processing Units and own Ware House, with other sub units. 

The organization have its own man power, own transportation service, well equipped laboratory with skilled professionals to assure you get the best of us, and this shows we are capable to give the best of us in any means of our products and we aren’t dependent on any other organization.

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